Special Sessions

Science Advocacy: Developing Relationships, Communicating Effectively

Organizer: Dr. Cathleen Crudden, Queen's University (@cathleencrudden) 

It is becoming more and more obvious that scientists need to involve themselves in government in order to advocate for science that will lead to better quality of life for those around the world.  In order to accomplish this, knowledge of the workings of government, of how to communicate ideas effectively and how best to advocate for science is critical. This symposium will bring together some of the most important advocates for science in Canada, including Canada's Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemur, current and former advisors to the Québec and Ontario governments Drs. Rémi Quirion and Molly Shoichet and President of NSERC, Dr. Mario Pinto. 

Making Canadian Chemistry Stronger through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Organizers:CSC Working Group on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (WIDE)

Plenary Speaker: Dr. Raychelle Burks, St. Edward's University (@DrRubidium)

**Contributed talks for this special sessions are welcome** Chemistry and our society are stronger when we have a diverse, equitable and inclusive profession. Our community embraces this idea, but many of us likely do not fully understand the additional barriers and struggles that our colleagues in under-represented groups have had to overcome and endure to achieve success in our field.  In this conference level symposium we celebrate some of these colleagues who have had to navigate issues of  Inclusion, Equity and Diversity in their career as they share their own experiences and personal journey in chemistry in the context of their research.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Accommodation for Removing Barriers for Researchers and Students

Organizer: Dr. Nola Etkin, University of Prince Edward Island and the Working Group on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (WIDE)

**Contributed Talks Welcome** 
This symposium will bring together students, faculty, and other chemistry professionals to discuss best practices for removing barriers for those with disabilities, including physical and mental health issues, in our workplaces and Universities.   

Chemistry in Canada2067: The Future Starts Now - Highlighting Undergraduate Research 

Organizer: Dr. Johanna Blacquiere, University of Western Ontario (@jmblacquiere)

**Contributed Pitch and Poster Presentations Welcome** As a chemical community we have always valued the importance of including undergraduate research training and internships as an integral part of our HQP plans and strategies.  In this special conference level symposium we celebrate their contributions by providing a platform to elevate their research.  In this special session, immediately following the session on “Science Advocacy: Developing Relationships, Communication Effectively”,  the undergraduate student participants will be given a short time (3 minute thesis style) to present and market their poster that they present later that evening. This event will highlight undergraduate research and its place in the research/education/workplace mission. To achieve the goals of Canada2067, The science of a successful tomorrow we acknowledge that the Future Starts Now.  Encourage your very best undergraduates to participate in this highlight event.

ChemiSTEAM - Putting the A in STEM:

Organized/Curated By: Dr. Vance Williams, Simon Fraser University  (@vancew) and Dr. Brian Wagner, University of Prince Edward Island (@DrummerBoy2112) 

**Contributed Artwork Welcome** There has always been a visual beauty to many aspects of chemistry.  Lately, with the growing importance of graphical abstracts, more and more visually appealing journal covers, and more complex yet informative figures and schemes, chemists are being asked to tap into their inner artist to describe their chemistry.  In this exhibition, as part of the Exhibitor' displays, we will celebrate the artistic side of science and put the A in STEM.  We invited your submissions for display and curation, either as a piece of visual art of an image captured during your work or a piece of fine art created to demonstrate an aspect of your science.  This ChemiSTEAM art exhibit will be active throughout the entire conference for us to enjoy, discuss and inspire our inner artist. Details for submission of art pieces will be available with the abstract submission.